Sad day for CopyMySports

  message: "Only owner of activity allowed to access this operation",
  error: "UnauthorizedException"

This is the response CopyMySports receives from Garmin Connect when requesting to download the TCX file of one of your activities. The TCX file contains all the activity details, like timestamps, GPS position, heart rate, power, etc. CopyMySports downloads this TCX file from Garmin Connect and then uploads it to Strava and/or RunKeeper. Without this file it is not possible to upload your activities to Strava and/or RunKeeper.

Yesterday, August 24th 2017, Garmin Connect made a change to their website which restricted downloading of the TCX file to only the owner of the activity. This means that CopyMySports is not able to download the TCX file at the moment and therefore it cannot provide the service it has been providing for 5 years now.

We are still investigating if there is a workaround. In the past there have been other changes to the Garmin Connect site that caused problems and usually we quickly had an idea how to handle them. This time, unfortunately, it looks pretty bad. We're not giving up just like that, but for now the service is not working.

We will post updates on this page or on our twitter feed @copymysports when we have news. Also we will come with a statement for users that just signed up in the last few days for copying new activities. Just give us a little time to investigate alternatives.

We'll keep you posted....


August 28th, 2017

Unfortunately, we have not found a solution yet. We asked Garmin why this change was done in the Garmin Troubleshooting forum. You could support by adding your remarks to this forum post.

Some people suggested that a work around could be to provide their Garmin Connect username and password to CopyMySports such that CopyMySports could log in and retrieve the TCX file. Though that technically would work and we are aware that some other services work this way, we do not want to work in that way. By handing over your username and password you hand over full control of your account. In our opinion that is bad practice and there are better ways to provide only limited access (like OAuth).

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